Your piano school for children and adults in Munich.

We would be happy to invite you to a trial lesson.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

We would be happy to invite you to a trial lesson. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Piano lessons for children and adults in Munich

"When the words stop, the music begins".
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Playing the piano is easy with us

"It is in the nature of music to give pleasure" - Aristotle

Music is a language that everyone can learn and understand. It is our great pleasure to teach this wonderful language to beginners and advanced students of all ages in piano lessons. 

Our piano school offers classical piano lessons and jazz piano lessons at 6 central teaching locations in Munich for:

Students' voices: What our students say about us

Students about us

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Parents of our students about us

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More video testimonials from our students can be found here.

Learn or your child
to play the piano with a holistic approach

You or your child should learn to play the piano properly from the ground up. It is therefore important to us that all components necessary for making music on the piano are equally trained in piano lessons. Below you will find our five elements for your success at the piano:

  • Musical Expression: You will learn to express yourself musically on the piano.
  • Piano technique: You will systematically develop a correct playing technique.
  • Ear training: Your musical perception will be trained.
  • Musical education: you will learn about the different musical styles and eras.
  • Harmonics: You will be taught music theory basics in a playful way.

Piano lessons for beginners

If you have never touched the piano keyboard and can not yet read music, you or your child is exactly right with us. You will receive a solid musical foundation from us. On this basis you will be able to live out your musical preferences, whether classical, jazz, rock or pop on the piano.

Piano lessons for advanced

If you have already played the piano, we will enjoy improving and deepening your pianistic skills and musical knowledge in each area. We will continuously approach more challenging pieces. The world of piano literature knows no boundaries and therefore you will never stop learning. 

We understand the learning process as something joyful. Walk and enjoy your way to becoming a successful piano player with us. Take the first step now by registering yourself or your child for a trial lesson.

"Children who make music will be the brains that will respond appropriately in the future to questions that no one is asking today."

Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch
Astrophysicist and natural philosopher

The trial lesson is free of charge.

We usually reply
within 48 hours.

We usually reply within 48 hours.

Your unique advantages with us

Your unique
advantages with us

Individual private lessons

Together with you we develop a systematic curriculum. No matter if beginner or advanced:
We pick you up at your level of proficiency and adapt to your progress.

Qualified piano teachers

We know how important a good piano teacher is for the student on his way to becoming a successful piano player. That is why we carefully select our piano teachers for you.

High quality instruments

High quality upright and grand pianos await you in our piano school. All instruments are tuned and serviced several times a year for our students.

Regular events

Annually we organize student concerts where our students voluntarily perform their newly learned pieces on a concert grand piano. New for you we have introduced workshops and piano parties.

Any style

We focus on offering classical piano lessons and jazz piano lessons. You are also welcome to bring pieces from other genres, e.g. popular or film music, to the lessons.

Intensive promotion

Our piano teachers are happy to prepare you or your child specifically for Trinity exams, the music baccalaureate, piano competitions or for entrance exams to music colleges.

Piano lessons with highly qualified and experienced
piano teachers and piano teachers

Piano lessons with
highly qualified and experienced
piano teachers

Highly qualified

Our piano teachers are successful graduates of internationally renowned music academies and conservatories.

Teaching Experience

Our piano teachers have several years of teaching experience with children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Some of them also teach at conservatories.

Stage Experienced

In addition to their teaching activities, our pianists perform regularly and have practical stage experience due to their own concert activities.


Our pianists are winners of well-known piano competitions. Some of them have also received awards for their pedagogical achievements.


Empathy and social competence are important characteristics of our piano teachers in order to optimally accompany the student on his or her way to becoming a piano player.


Our instructors specialize in a variety of genres as well as student performance levels and objectives. We will find the right piano teacher for you or your child!

Musical samples of our piano teachers

Musical samples
of our piano teachers

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Our artistic director Ran Deng plays "Vallée d'Obermann" by Franz Liszt.

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Instructor Svetlana Marinchenko won first place at the 2016 Steinway Jazz Piano Competition.

from students and parents


170 Google reviews


172 Google reviews

Christina Pfeiffer


This is the best piano school I could ask for. I look forward to my lesson every week with my talented and charming and teacher!

M. Bauer

Mother of a student

Our 5-year-old daughter has been taking lessons at Klavierstunde München for 3 months: she enjoys it very much and we are very satisfied. Age-appropriate lessons with a lot of patience for young students!

Majid Latif


Been in piano lessons for 2 years and have a very inspiring teacher. No pressure, just the focus on letting out what is musically in me. In short: an enrichment. Change is out of the question.

Tanja Kraus


Great teachers, level lessons, nice classrooms. I can only recommend the lessons at Klavierstunde München! In the 3 years of lessons I have been able to make great progress!

Juan Cabezas

Father of a student

We love to see our daughter enthusiastically going to the piano and practicing over and over again. Stefan Ullmann motivates her with a learning method suitable for young children. Highly recommended!

Emin S


After switching to Klavierstunde München, I really realized for the first time how important a good teacher is for my progress on the piano.

Unique offers for your piano lessons

Premium membership

109€ / 149€ / 179€ per month
  •   30 / 45 / 60 minutes per week
  •    For children, teenagers and adults
  •    4 weeks trial period
  •  Graduate tuition
  •  Lessons on high quality instrument
  •   No registration fee
  •   1 student concert / year (voluntary)
  •  Personal piano buying advice
  •    Rent piano cheap instead of buying

Prepaid card

55€ / 66€ per unit
  •  45 / 60 minutes per unit
  •    For adults
  •  10 lessons
  •   6 months validity
  •  Graduate tuition
  •  Lessons on high quality instrument
  •   No registration fee

Premium membership

When you sign up for a Premium Membership, you will receive your personalized weekly class appointment, providing regularity, the most important requirement for continued progress.

Prepaid card

Our ten-ticket allows students who need flexibility to book each piano lesson individually and flexibly. The tuition fee is 55€ for 45 minutes and 66€ for 60 minutes of piano lessons.

Four weeks trial period: your satisfaction guarantee

The first four weeks of Premium Membership are considered a trial period. During this time, it can be terminated at any time at the end of the trial period.

Taster card: the ideal gift

For example, if you would like to give piano lessons to a friend, you are welcome to order a gift certificate from us.

We are also happy to help you
with the purchase of your own piano

If you don't have a piano at home yet, that's no problem at all. We will be happy to advise you personally when it comes to choosing your own instrument. Our students also receive discounts when buying or renting a piano or grand piano from our partners.

Our trial lesson: The start of your piano lessons

To make your start in piano lessons as easy as possible, you can first take a free trial lesson with our piano teachers without any obligation. 

This is the ideal opportunity for you or your child to get to know our qualified piano teachers and their proven teaching methods, as well as our beautiful classrooms and high-quality instruments.


"Joy, in the music and in making music, is the key to quick learning success. See for yourself and arrange a free trial lesson for yourself or your child now. We look forward to seeing you!"

Tamino Rat, M.Sc.
Director of Klavierstunde München
Vice Chairman of the Landesverband der freien Musikinstitute Bayern e. V.

The trial lesson is free of charge.

We usually reply
within 48 hours.

We usually reply within 48 hours.

Recognized as an educational institution by

Educational institution recognized by the government of Upper Bavaria
according to § 4 No. 21 a) bb) UStG

Official member of the

Member of the state association
of independent music institutes
Bayern e. V.

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